Does my son have to be an African American or Latino American boy to join?

If your son identifies as an African American or Latino American boy, he is welcome to join.

Does the program run the entire school year?

We are currently only meeting for eight weeks from February - March.

Are members only in 2nd-5th grade?

Yes. We try to keep all the students within 2nd-5th grade, but sometimes, on the very rare occasion, there might be a student in the 1st or 6th grade.

What makes your program different from other school affinity programs?

Our program is unique because:

  1. We exclusively cater to boys and their needs.
  2. These boys enter the program from different schools ALL across NYC; not just from the same school-like most school based affinity programs.
  3. We frequently have guest speakers that are influential adult males (and middle or high school males) to impart some wisdom & knowledge to these young boys.

Do you only work with elementary school boys?

At the moment, yes, but we've been asked to expand into middle schools as well!

Is the only location at 495 Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn (Brooklyn Commons)?

Yes, for now. Due to COVID-19, we currently work online (zoom). If any changes are made families will be informed.

How long has the program been around?

We conducted a pilot program in 2018 that had proven to be a success, so we officially rolled out the program in 2019. It has been rapidly growing ever since!

How do the younger boys relate to the older boys?

In the program, we make sure to create a safe environment for ALL of the boys. No one is singled out because they are too young and no one is made fun of because they might not understand something discussed in the group. There is no judgement. Younger boys might not always understand some of the content that is being discussed in the group, but it's important for them to be exposed to it early on.

How many boys are in the program at one time?

There is a maximum of 10 boys. We keep it intimate so that it allows us to give everyone the attention that they need & deserve.

Can siblings join? Is there a discount if you have more than 1 child?

Yes! We encourage siblings to join! We offer a 10% discount.

What do the boys do when they are in the group?

We practice character building & etiquette. Our primary focus is on our 5 core values: self-esteem respect awareness belonging leadership Discussions and activities are based on each core value. If one has a suggestion for a topic, great! We encourage friends to lead discussions that are important to them.

What if a kid is not participating in the group? How do you handle it?

We allow them to have a moment and when they feel that they are ready to join the group, they jump right in!

Do you start right on time?

Yes. The 1 hr is fully packed with information & activities and it's very important to arrive on time because it gives the boys the opportunity to "check in" with one another before we get started.

How much does the program cost?

$125.00 a week for 8 weeks or a one-time payment of $800.00. (Prices subject to change.)

What day and time do you offer the program?

We are currently offering two-eight week programs. One on Saturdays from 10:00a-11:00a and the other on Sundays from 12:45p-1:45p. Additional days might be offered in the near future.

Do you do 1 on 1 counseling?

Yes. We make ourselves available upon request. (Additional fee)

How can we help support this AMAZING (& quite unique) program?

GREAT QUESTION! 1. Sponsor a child. 2. Refer a family. 3. Get a son, husband, brother or friend involved as a guest speaker. 4. Share the program with folks that might not know about it. 5. Tell your child's school about it. 6. Donate. Donate. Donate.

What services are included in the membership?

We offer several amazing services! -Waived registration fee
-Buddy up
-Access to guest speakers
-Lifetime access to all The Boys Room members beyond private school experience
-Complimentary 1 on 1 session with Founder
-The Boys' Room Program T-shirt
-Parent check-in